About Kass

About Kass



I've often thought about how to truly describe myself on these pages. Do I tell you that I am an artist and author of three books? An amateur photographer? Or should I tell you that my superpower is an ability to write? Articles, essays, letters - I have a way with words.

Perhaps I can tell you about my university studies - a law degree to add to my Bachelor of Visual Art and Design and my Graduate Diploma in Secondary Teaching. That I teach young people Legal Studies and how I learn more from them than I can ever teach them.

Or the work I did at an Innocence Initiative and a local Community Legal Centre. Or how I helped reform the law to give Victorians compassionate end-of-life choices, including Voluntary Assisted Dying.

Maybe I could talk about my role as the obedient servant of a pug named Elmo. Or tell you that I am a wife, a daughter, a sister and an aunty. Or about living with incurable cancer since I was 12.

All of that is true.

The thing is, while they're all aspects of who I am, in essence they all come down to one thing. I am a storyteller. Whether my own story or that of someone else or some other place, whether I am telling the story of a client or helping shape the story of a student. I am a storyteller.

Here, you'll see me tell stories through art, photographs and words. I will share my travels both far away and close to home. I hope there's something in these stories you can relate to or learn from. We are all travellers on this planet. Every person has a story.

This is mine.