Ready for the FedEx man!

You're looking at this photo and thinking "really, Kass? A box of screwed up brown paper? How exciting!" NOT.

Underneath that paper lay about 50 pieces of artwork for my new book, ready for the FedEx man to pick up tomorrow to go to my publisher in Cincinnati. If I said I have worked hard to get to this point is an understatement. I am exhausted.

Physically. Emotionally. Exhausted.

I have a few tasks ahead to do tomorrow before taking off to New York on early Friday morning - I'm about 36 hours from take off right now. Still things to pack (and re-pack!), I have to get my SIM card reactivated and those last minute things you do right before you go.

Most specially, I need to get over to see my niece and nephews for a hug and kiss (and make sure Facetime is set up!) before I leave. I know when I get home they will have grown so much!

Stay tuned for a post from New York next week!