I never wanted this to end

But alas, all good things must, they say.

I get back to Australia at the end of this week after 88 days in North America. I have had the immense privilege of teaching in 5 states and visiting New York, Washington DC, Baltimore, Denver, San Francisco, Cincinnati, Prince Edward Island and beyond.

I've affirmed friendships and made new ones. I've been overwhelmed with kindness and support for my art and my life. I've seen things of beauty. Eaten good food, drunk fine wines (and a few Bailey's too).

I leave this land of the free feeling a sense of accomplishment and excited for new opportunities. I know I will return.

I feel healthy and strong. I feel like I've gained new insight to the person I am and what I value. Excitingly, I feel the best is yet to come.

Thankyou for taking this ride with me. Whether you read my blog or have come to a class. Met me along the way or welcomed me back. So, so many of you have changed my life and brought me joy. You steal my heart.

Bring on the next chapter!