The work of Christina Martini

Lovely Christina took my Pattern Play class last week at the Ink Pad. It seemed she is hooked because she just sent me these images of her work and my mind is BLOWN - it is incredible!!

One of the things I have been very conscious of on this trip was the experience of my students and doing what I can to be the best teacher I can. I took Jen Louden's Teach Now e-course recently and I think that gave me a range of strategies that I've been able to implement. The success is in the pictures - Christina's work is beautiful! She was clearly inspired by our class and, as a teacher and enabler, I feel so proud of this effort.

I always feel like if a student absorbs what I teach and takes it beyond what I can give them in a short time, then I have achieved what I set out to as as a teacher - I want to give my students the confidence and tools to leap into the universe! The feedback from classes so far has been amazing but this is just further evidence that what I am doing here - my purpose - is the right choice.

Thankyou Christina for letting me share this with my readers and for creating such magic!