Hello from CREATE New Jersey!

Well I made it here to New Jersey yesterday and today the CREATE New Jersey retreat started!

I have been looking forward to today for some months because I took a class called Secret Imaginings with Liesel Lund, whose blog I have followed for many years and who I've been Facebook friends with for a few years too. She is as beautiful in person as I expected and I loved the class - I will post a photo of my finished pieces when they are finished!

I have a free day tomorrow then I am taking a class with Michelle Ward on Friday before I start teaching on Saturday. I was extremely nervous yesterday about everything but I feel better today about everything!

I spent a wonderful day on Monday in New York - first I went to the movies to see Jersey Boys which was fantastic! After that, I took myself to Central Park and sat on the grass under a tree between two baseball diamonds and watched some teams playing social softball. It was fantastic. It was a very hot day but in the shade it was perfect. I sat and played in my art journal while watching the game and just enjoying the park - Central Park is easily my favourite place in New York - it feels after six paces in like you're in a whole new world. I would LOVE to live near a park like that!!

Art journaling in the park

I've also had quite a buzz seeing my books in stores here - doesn't happen much in Australia and seeing it around here has really hit home for me that I am out there and being seen. It has been such an eye opener for me (and very humbling!). Life remains pretty amazing although I confess to missing my guy and our kids at home... ok especially Elvis, who is usually my little shadow. It feels like something is missing when I am away from that little pug! I use Skype to see them often but this morning he seemed none too impressed that Mummy was calling on him again...

It would appear I am missing him more than he is missing me!!

Thankyou for tuning in and the comments on Facebook - I don't feel quite so lonely when amongst you, friends!