art journaling on the road

So I'm just days away from my trip to the US and Canada to teach/holiday. I'll be gone for three months. This length of time away presents a range of challenges - mainly traveling "light" while having everything I need for such a length of time away. 

Sure, it's easy enough to buy things (clothes, art supplies) while away but I still have to carry it - so I have had to be ruthless!

Yesterday I packed my art supplies for my journaling - it was so hard....

So - I've packed a folder of collage (yellow folder underneath), paint markers, gel pens, pencils, stamps + ink pad, glue tape and scissors, stencils, pitt markers, watercolours and prismacolor pencils. I have to buy a new journal when I arrive but everything fits in one Blick pouch.

The challenge will be not to over-purchase on art supplies until I am on the way home and also journaling with limited supplies but I can do it!!

Do you think I missed anything? What would you take it you were traveling for so long?