the creative adult

I finished this page today - I have to confess I don't quite LOVE it yet....but I can't figure out what might be missing from it, so for now it is what it is...

Also I have started a new board on Pinterest with art books I love. it is not exhaustive or even close to complete but there's a start. I'm sure many of you, like me, have time sucked into the vortex of Pinterest regularly but it is also SUPER inspirational!! 

It's now only two weeks until I head on my mega adventure to the USA and Canada. I am so excited and nervous all at once!! I am determined to enjoy every moment of it but it's also an important trip professionally for me, hence some nerves and anxiety. There are still spots in some classes at CREATE New Jersey and Texas which you can read about (and book!) HERE. And if you are interested in something lower key in Boulder, CO., New York, NY., or Savage, MD., then here over HERE and check out details of classes and activities. I am so looking forward to meeting people in person who I've only know through blogs and Facebook.