What a difference a year makes

Exactly a year ago, I was boarding a plane to San Francisco to attend a retreat called Call of the Wild Soul in Petaluma. I met some amazing people, took some amazing classes and reconnected with my art - and my spirit - which had been absent for some time.

The view at Call of the Wild Soul.

I then spent a few days in SFO just wandering around, thinking and feeling.

Seeking direction.

Seeking direction.

I made the decision that I needed to give myself to my art and really work hard at making my life the way I wanted it to be, rather than how it just was. So I came home, got organised (don't think I can ever thank Jess Weems enough for putting me onto Evernote in our coaching session) and started sending emails and reaching out. I started really nailing down what I wanted from my life and art and career.

What do they say? Ask, and the universe shall provide.

Here we are a year later. I've spent three months in United States teaching at CREATE Retreats and in beautiful art stores. I've made friends across the country. I've got work coming up in magazines. I'll be back in the US next year for more teaching and some other work. I've got two DVDs being released. And there's so much more to come....

It hasn't all been plain sailing. I've had to make some difficult decisions along the way, both professional and personal. I certainly don't enjoy universal support - but by and large I know I am loved and that is enough. And I know that the soul searching I have done (and continue to do) has led me to where I need to be.

I'm happy. I'm content. I'm fulfilled.

Here's to the year ahead being just as wonderful - and thank you, friends, for all the support you have given me on this rollrcoaster. It is what gets me through the days and lifts me up!