Make Art That Sells Week 2

This was a *tough* week in the MATS course. Our inspiration was to be drawn from Suzani's. Don't know what they are? I didn't either just on the name - but recognised them once I saw them!

These designs come mainly from eastern Europe and are beautiful - it made me think a bit of the modern day work of designer Amy Butler. And as you can see above, the designs are gorgeous...but they're not what I do. 

I spent a week working away and not really liking what I was doing. When my Illustrator program spat the dummy last night, I decided to go back to what I knew, and started drawing patterns of my own. What I did know was that many suzani patterns are inspired by nature and traditional images used were fruits, especially pomegranates. Pomegranates I can do!

The assignment was to create ceramic dinner plates you'd see in stores (higher end), inspired by suzani's. The key is to like what you do - would I buy what I've created? The answer is, although I am not 100% sure this really fits the assignment well, I would LOVE to own plates like these - they'd be great in summer or as an alternative to traditional Christmas dinnerware. 

What do you think?