Look inside the Zentangle Untangled Workbook!

You can now use the "look inside" feature on Amazon to see pages inside the The Zentangle Untangled Workbook! Click here to do so.

I love this feature because it gives people the chance to see what they're buying before they part with their money. So often in reviews people say "I wish I knew..." and I get a little frustrated because you can actually know what you're buying if you click on that link. So I hope people do utilise that tool :)

I am about to start my university exams. Law school is kicking my butt!! I'm getting lots of great feedback on the Chinese translation of Zentangle Untangled too which has been fantastic. 

I'm sorry for the extended absences - I have had no time for art since school started but I am switching to part time study next semester so I am hoping this will free my time and mind a little. I really need it too....