Ni Hao!

So tonight I came home to my first copy (thanks to my friend Laura Liu) to Zentangle Untangled in Chinese! Laura is Taiwanese and wrote an introduction to Zentangle in the book (of course, it's in Chinese so I can't read it!).




I have to say, I think this is the most extraordinary thing! Something so familiar to me is suddenly so foreign, so different! I absolutely LOVE it - the presentation of the book is just gorgeous and although it might seem like a little thing in the large scheme of writing books, I have to say this is probably as exciting and fascinating as anything that's happened. It's truly fantastic and I feel a real priviledge to have my book translated into Chinese. 

I don't want to go all political here but China is such an important state in how our world is going to progress in the coming decades. Zentangle being such a relaxing, peaceful it silly to think maybe I am (in the most minute way) contributing towards a little chunk of peace between east and west? Probably, but I just think it's all rather good fun.