Post Secret in Melbourne

Last night I went to a PostSecret event in Melbourne at beautiful Hamer Hall. For those readers unfamiliar with the concept (is there anyone who doesn't know what PostSecret is now?), it's where people send postcards to Frank Warren, the founder of PostSecret, telling their deepest secrets. It's anonymous so people really let some beauties out into the open.

I've always been fascinated by what people tell this stranger, knowing it could be scanned and uploaded unto the internet. Sure, it's anonymous but still.....

I've never sent a postcard to Frank. Mainly because I really don't have any secrets. I think there are a lot of people who sent in their deepest thoughts and feelings which is totally fine - I do have some of those - but I don't know if they are necessarily secrets. I don't plan on outing any of my deepest thoughts - for everyone's safety including mine!

Has anyone else been to a Post Secret show? Towards the end, people are invited to take the microphone and tell their secret. It felt like a public counselling session actually. Some of what was said was fantastic but some....I wasn't sure it was the forum to say those things. Maybe I'm not open-minded enough but I kind of felt that maybe, before announcing yout secret to Hamer Hall, you should actually seek help to deal with it (and it's potential ramifications). Maybe that's just me. I am not judging those who were gutsy enough to speak - I certainly wasn't brave enough! - but it did leave me feeling a little....maybe uncomfortable? Not sure. Maybe I need more time to digest it.

The PostSecret website is a great way to kill some time - check it out and let me know what you think?