my goodness!

I had not realised I'd been away from my blog for so long - I am so sorry!

We have had a difficult few weeks after the death of our beautiful friend, Rob. We are doing much better but it has definitely been an adjustment, especially for my husband (his best mate). We went to Canberra to say goodbye to him, it was a beautiful celebration where we rallied around each other to comfort and support, laugh and cry. Going forward we want to celebrate the true blessing of having had Robbie in our life and continue on in his honour. So that's where I've been.

We've been truly touched by the many messages we've received since Rob's passing. Thankyou, one and all, for your love.

I've now started Uni so it may be that posts become a little less frequent than they have been. It is hard not to be distracted by making art when I am meant to be reading and researching! 

One thing I am excited to announce is that I am part of a blog hop to celebrate the release of Jane Davenport's stencil range through Check back on Saturday for my effort but in the meantime, check out the amazing work contrbuted so far here (and click the links to see the other blogs). Each blog is hosting a giveaway of a set of stencils so make sure you include a comment on each blog. You will agree that you NEED these stencils.....

See you Saturday!