the battle of new thinking

I'm now two weeks into my law degree and it's fair to say I've had quite the jolt of reality. 

Content wise, I am really enjoying my course so far. That might surprise some people (maybe not others!) but I am enjoying the challenge of this new way of thinking.

But the study is HARD. It's not the sheer volume that's hurting - yes that is tough going but I knew going in that this would be the reality of law school. What I am finding so hard is the constant self-questioning. Am I doing this right? Are my notes good quality? Am I spending too much time mulling over little things (because I have never been known to do that much.....except every other day.....). And there's no pictures - no visual learning for people like me....I want colour and movement! I understand things better when I can see them, not just read them.

I know I'll be OK and I am seeking help from tutors to guide me a bit on this, but I need to learn to embrace the process, accept imperfection and just do it.

One thing I did today was purchase a book I had wishlisted on Amazon for a little while, called The Sketchbook Handbook. I don't know how applicable it will be for law studies but I figured I can't really go backwards, can I? There's a great website too called Sketchnote Army which I have had a look over and look forward to really digesting in coming weeks in those fleeting moments I have spare.

I have a bunch of arty things "in progress" at the moment..... forgive me, but it is clear making art is going to be a rare joy for me while I study. I'll share what I can, when I can.