trading art

I don't remember the last time I participated in an art trade - generally not for a long time because I always feel like my efforts are substandard (hello inner critic!) even if they're not.

But at the Call of the Wild Souls California, a few people have talked about trades and I figured it was as good a reason a any to just get in and DO IT - make art. 

But 55 pieces? What the heck would I do? 

The trick for me was that I am trying to save my money so I wanted to use what I have. And of course it has to be easily transportable - let's face it, it's not a short trip to California! And then I saw these under my table:

It's a bit of a production line but I'm making 55 original artworks - some have similar imaging but different colours one postcard will be the same.

These are some 'in progress' postcards...