how I survived turning 35..... just.....

You know, turning 35 (in fact any age) is always a challenge for me. Mainly because I genuinely don't expect to get older, or old, so I often look around on birthdays and wonder if I am "doing it right". I don't regret birthdays or begrudge them, I just often don't know what to do with them!

This year, my birthday was a bit of a disaster! When I got up to answer the phone around mid-morning, I went to my living room window to open the drapes:

As you can kind of see, they are not lightweight drapes.

So I go to open them and the curtain rod came apart at the centre. It swung down and landed square in the back of my head.

The offending curtain rod.

So after OUCHING rather loudly and getting some ibuprofen into me, I decided it wasn't going to ruin my day and we would still wander into Fitzroy for some late lunch.

The reality is, I spent my 35th birthday feeling and probably acting like a zombie. Not the friendly kind either. We ended up late that evening at the medical centre, as I was feeling sick and the headache was getting worse. I've never had a concussion before and if that was what I'd done, I wanted to make sure I was looked after and could stay safe (no one needs to convince me about the seriousness of concussion - I watch enough sport to be terrified of them). I was OK - and now AM ok, apart from the lingering headache and bruised pride.

The irony was not lost on me, people - "she survived cancer 4 times but a curtain rod took her out with speed and accuracy" <---- not the obituary I want about me!!! I also do NOT want to be a Darwin Award winner!!

(yes you can laugh at my expense, this was all rather comedic. Even I can see the funny side!)

So what did I get for my birthday - well, mainly money as I am a little difficult to buy for. On the day I got some gorgeous native flowers from Michael. We went into Fitzroy as planned and at the Rose Street Market, I bought this cuff from my lovely (and rather talented) friend, Dale. 

I couldn't take my eyes off the blue - it had me entranced. I love the uniqueness of it too. 

I also bought:

leather Chucks - I can't wear canvas shoes, they just dont cooperate with my feet but the leather ones are awesome!

Michael took me to Typo for a spend up (not pictured are their new stencils which I got too).

And I bought myself a new wireless mouse for my Mac and a new pillow to sleep on. Yep, I am exciting with a capital E!!

Oh, and next year, my birthday is cancelled!!