my week

I've had a busy week, with working on the Workbook, my Mum's birthday and other activities.

I've been trying to take time for non-work stuff too - I'm reading A Dangerous Inheritance by Alison Weir (a Tudor novel). One of my indulgences is Tudor-esque novels (and lots of Tudor history non fiction too) - I cannot get enough. That period in history fascinates me. 

And then there's my sweeties - my nieces and nephews. I get to regularly Skype with my little one Charlotte (in PEI Canada) and on Friday I got to chase around after Lukas and Amelia. Millie likes to get out of her stroller and walk (read: BOLT). I stupidly had heeled boots on and when chasing a 15 month old at a shopping centre, this gets tiresome for me much faster than her! She was the highlight for the shoppers though - she is extrememly cute and walking along with Aunty Kass she got lots of smiles and "awwwws" and many people stopped to ask about her. She loves the attention. And she loves taking off from me so I have to chase her!

Life is nice, huh?


Millie Mae and Aunty Shasshie