stop 9 - Traci Bautista joins the blog hop!

When I asked participants to join the Zentangle Untangled blog hop, there was one particular person I was hopeful would say yes. Actually I was kind of desperate for her to say yes. That person was Traci Bautista.

from my Dream Journal (one of Traci's e-classesI hope many of you are familiar with Traci's work through her amazing blog and her two fantastic books, Collage Unleashed and Doodles Unleashed. In particular, Doodles Unleashed is a strong favourite of mine that I refer back to often.

I met Traci in person last year at The Creative Connection Event in Saint Paul. I was so thrilled to finally meet her and see she is as vibrant and creative in person as she is online. I've taken many of Traci's online workshops and have always loved them, but really it's her artistic style that draws me in. It's bright. It's energetic. It's urban.

When Traci agreed to be in my blog hop for Zentangle Untangled she told me she'd conduct a "photo interview" with me, which she did do. You can see the results HERE.

I hope you enjoy this glimpse into me and my life - creative and otherwise. It's a great representation of things I am proud of.

Thanks Traci for your support and for joining the blog hop - it's been an honour to have you.


Zentangle Untangled Blog Hop

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Tuesday July 24 – Jill Berry
Wednesday July 25 – Rachel Greig 
Thursday July 26 – Sandra Strait
Friday July 27 – Melanie Testa
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Monday July 30 – Pam Garrison
Tuesday July 31 – Genevieve Crabe
Wednesday August 1 - Traci Bautista
Thursday August 2 – Fran Meneley
Friday August 3 – Jane Davenport
Saturday August 4 – FINISH – Kass Hall (major prize giveaway)