stop 10 - hello Fran Meneley!

So you've probably realised, if you've been following along on the Zentangle Untangled  blog hop that it doesn't take much for me to geek out over my favourite artists. Day after day I have expressed my genuine excitement and honour I've had to have them share in the blog hop. I've meant every word, every day. I wrote up a list of people to ask to be involved - it was something of a dream list. And so, SO many of those dream guest bloggers said yes - it was and is overwhelming for a girl from Australia who is much less confident that she might seem!

I first became familiar with the work and journals of Fran Meneley a couple of years back in Cloth Paper Scissors and 1000 Artist Journals. Her work appeals to me with its use of colour, words, photographs and doodles. I knew Fran would be able to relate to Zentangle in some way and was thrilled when she agreed to be part of the celebrations. We've been friends via blogging for a couple of years but it's still always nerve wracking asking people to participate.

Fran hasn't let me down - you can find her entry HERE.

Journal pages by Fran Meneley

Thankyou, Fran, not only for your kind words about Zentangle Untangled but for your thoughtful responses through your journal to my book - seeing the way people interpret Zentangle and what I've written is easily the most rewarding part of being an author. It's art like this that reinspires ME - I'm heading to my journal pages now!


Zentangle Untangled Blog Hop

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