stop 7 - Pam Garrison

I'm delighted that the talented Pam Garrison has joined the Zentangle Untangled blog hop! Pam is one of my favourite mixed media artists so I was thrilled when she agreed to be part of the fun!

She's written a lovely post which you can read HERE.

One of the things Pam mentioned is something I wrote in my book:

I love it when artists encourage others to begin, just try, play, participate. There is no perfection, and even though zentangle seems to lend itself to pursuing perfection, or more exacting than random doodling, that perfection is not the point. I appreciate Kass making a point of mentioning that.

I really appreciate Pam writing that because it means that my most important goal - my message about Zentangle and ALL art - has reached my audience. 

I went to art school but I was not the most talented person there and I was definitely the least experienced artist there. I suspect I was the one pegged "most likely to drop out first" and not without reason! Art school is where I learned my craft and was challenged to create the best art I could. I was extremely lucky in that I was in a course that embraced all types of artforms and was very forgiving of my learning curve. I definitely allowed me to grow and develop without the judgement that so often comes with art. One of the things I learned is that there is a place in this world for everyone and for whatever their creativity brings. It is not important to be the BEST artist in the class. It is not important to be the most exhibited, most published. All that mattered was that you were the best VERSION of you that you could be.

In terms of Zentangle, I think that's a message that is very important. Perfection isn't necessary. Like anything, drawing perfect circles and straight lines takes practice. Even those of us with lots of experience and college degrees don't always get them right. And that's OK because that's what makes Zentangle and art unique, and that's what makes it YOUR art, not someone elses. I think that's really nice. And I think in this world where we place so much pressure on ourselves to be the perfect wives, mothers, daughters etc, to "have it all" and be everything to everyone - and do it all perfectly -  it's nice to know that our best is good enough, that whatever flows out of our minds, through our pens onto that paper, it's OK. It's enough. And it's perfect because you did it.

Thanks Pam, for understanding my message and sharing it with others.


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