The Stables Gallery, Bairnsdale

My Mum's side of the family is from Bairnsdale in East Gippsland, Victoria. I don't get down there often these days, since the passing of my grandfather, Plugger, in 2005.

This week just gone, my Mum had to go down there for work so I hitched a ride so I could catch up with family and friends.

The absolute highlight of the trip was going to The Stables Gallery in Service Street. It is fast becoming the arts and crafts hub of Bairnsdale and the surrounding district. It features live music once a month, local artists exhibiting and selling work, The Makery (which features the handmade crafts of locals - amazing quality stuff) and a cafe. The cafe manager and barista, Steve, has spent most of his life in Melbourne (especially Fitzroy) and you can tell - the quality of the food and coffee has Fitzroy all over it!

What you can see from my coffee photo is that I started drinking it before I remembered to take a photo. The coffee is that good - you get stuck in!

If you happen to be passing through Bairnsdale, make sure you stop in and see this fantastic venue. There are art studios for rent upstairs too - if I lived in Bairnsdale, I'd rent one for sure (a little too far from Melbourne!) and when the coffee downstairs is that good, it makes for an even better deal!

I got to finally meet my friend Tania from Chicken Ink Creative while I was there, as well as Gill from OzHandMade. It was so lovely and they have done a fantastic job with The Makery, which is part of The Stables and offers local artisans a wonderful opportunity to sell their wares - see the photo below!


The Makery


The food/coffee counter

The seating area (upstairs to the studios)

And make sure if you're down that way you say hello to Steve and Bobbie - tell them Kass sent you!