Zentangle Untangled: en masse!

The parcel man arrived today with a large parcel in a green plastic bag - huh? Turns out it was a heavy box of books - Zentangle Untangle had arrived en masse!


These are my complimentary copies - some of which I sold during my pre-sale and some of which I have saved for a giveaway during the blog tour later this month (wait til you see the prize-pack I've amassed...it's awesome). After that, I can give copies to whomever I want - but when you start writing a list of people who should get a complimentary copy....well the pile decreases rapidly!

Have you got your copy yet? What do you think? Have you left a review on Amazon/Booktopia/Book Depository? Please do! Or just send me an email or leave a comment here - I am so keen to hear what people think, especially if they have some ideas of their own!