so, it's about one step at a time, huh?

Wow, my humble little blog has kind of exploded the past 24 hours! I have had some lovely comments both on here and on Facebook, as well as some emails and they have been 100% full of kindness, love and support. Thankyou, thankyou, THANKYOU. 

So the theme that is coming through is to stop, take a breath and then take one step at a time. They are allowed to be small steps too, right?

I'm still feeling a little flat, a little confused, a little paralysed. But I breathing deeply and doing this.

The Victorian Government business info I picked up at an expo last week.

The Penguin Small Business Guide - an Aussie business book. Great resource.

My Hello Soul Hello Business workbook - full of exercises, ideas and dreams

the Kelly Rae Roberts journal I was given at the beginning of HSHB - time to start filling it with plans!

 It's time to get started, right? Well - here I go.