This week has been a slow one for me, quite unintentionally. I've been feeling more and more tired recently - for several months I put it down to surgical recover but 7 months on, I wasn't feeling any better. So I had a blood test and (surprise, surprise) there was a reason for feeling so tired - my iron levels were critically low. 

So on Thursday morning I reported to Cabrini Day Oncology for an iron infusion. I used to take iron tablets when I was young but they made me quite nauseous. With the significant reduction of size in my stomach, it's also likely they would not be well absorbed anymore. So infusion it was. 

As you can see, they used my right hand. Not so great for a right hander so surf the net/work with over the five hours the infusion takes (no I am NOT joking!). I am not very ambidextrous either so this made my plans for the day rather difficult to achieve! My left arm veins are pretty much stuffed after the port I had in it for chemo back in 1990-91. They could get the IV in but it would blow within minutes so kind of pointless and I would rather not be a pin cushion. So the right hand it had to be.

It was, however, hard to feel too sorry for myself. After all, I am sitting in the Day Oncology unit. Yes, I am still considered a cancer patient but I am not having treatment. There would have been about 30 people come in and out during the course of the infusion who WERE having chemotherapy. I don't remember much about my treatment all those years ago but I do remember the general feeling of unpleasantness (understatement of the year!). So it's hard to not have some perspective about my little iron infusion - once again I felt like, despite everything, I've actually got out of this hell pretty lightly by comparison to others!! A little IV for a few hours is nothing to complain loudly about!!

The iron hasn't kicked in yet - I'm told it could take a couple of weeks but I'll know when it has. My Dad has had single iron injections and said they had him bouncing off walls. This should prove interesting since I had the equivilent of about 12 iron injections in one hit. I might be bouncing off planets. Until then, I am still quite sleepy and lethargic, hence I've kept a pretty low profile this week and next week may not be too different. 

In other news, I believe the article about me has appeared in MaryJane's Farm magazine in the US! How exciting! I haven't seen it as it's impossible to get the magazine here in Australia but I will somehow get a copy and show you when it arrives. I am so grateful to Ardis Eckel for writing it and for Mary Jane and Megan's kindness in doing the article about me. I met Mary Jane Butters and Megan (her daughter) last year at The Creative Connection. Truthfully I thought they'd be the last connection I would make but I was wrong! They were beautiful women and their website and magazine is fantastic. And check out the B&B on Mary Jane's farm - I would KILL to stay there one day!!