Happy and Holy Easter

I'm not the most religious person you'll ever meet but I do try to be very respectful of those who do have strong beliefs of whatever their chosen faith is. It's with this in mind that I don't really understand what Easter eggs are about and how it came about that a rabbit would deliver them - perhaps eggs signal rebirth, the rebirth of Jesus? I am not sure if that's the origin and I still don't get where the rabbit came into the picture!

So with all that said, I am very aware and respectful that Easter is a time of reflection on the death and resurrection of Jesus. I always feel odd saying "Happy Easter" too. So I'll say have a safe and joyful weekend with those you love, doing that which brings you happiness - whatever that might be.

sakura micron pen in a millini journalI'm having something of a renaissance myself this weekend - last night I did my first full Zentangle artwork in I-don't-know-how-many-months. I've started a new one today which has a special purpose, but this is the one I did last night. Is it possible to forget how relaxing and calming Zentangle is? I don't think so, but coming back to it has been a great reminder - I've had a really peaceful weekend so far.

...and yes, enjoy some chocolate (if for no other reason than it's yummy!)