where did my week go?

I'll tell you where - work! Last week is probably the busiest week I have had since my surgery last October, and by Sunday I was pretty much toast - exhausted, aching head and a body screaming to just STOP! But even though it has been busy, it's been good too....

'Pandering' by Jane DavenportThursday and Friday were spent at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show at the Exhibition Gardens. I was there working with my gorgeous friend Jane Davenport, whom I met last year in Brisbane. Jane brought her Instutute of Cute to the flower show last year and was very successful, so she's back this year. The marquee looked gorgeous (check out the photos on Jane's blog or Facebook page) and it was frantic busy from start to finish! We worked solidly and to say I am a world champion toothbrush guardian seller would be an understatement - there cannot be a kid left in Australia without one!

We were ladybug drunk by the end but it was so wonderful to see Jane (and Gussy!) and meet all the wonderful people at the Garden show. I wish I'd had more chance to walk around and look at stuff, it looked so beautiful from what I did see and I could easily have spent a whole day walking around. I am not a gardener - plants tend to die on my touch - but I do love gardens and flowers and it was really beautiful.

Jane has just released "Hug Mugs" which are beautiful mugs and the illustration to the left - Panderly - is one of the designs. You can get yours on Jane's website.

I've also signed up for Jane's "Supplies Me" class - the irony being I am in one of the videos talking about Micron Pens! I don't really need guidance on how to use my supplies but Jane teaches you how to draw faces and bodies in this class and these are things I do not think I am terribly good at, especially faces, so I took the class to get some better ideas on this. Jane's videos alone are worth the class costs - they're hilarious. 

Saturday was also a special day because we celebrated my gorgeous nephew Lukas' 3rd birthday. He is mad on Thomas the Tank Engine and Bananas in Pyjamas so he got a lot of that, as well as a Thomas mini-jumping castle (I know, parties have come a long way since we were kids eh?) but he had a brilliant day and you couldn't wipe the smile off his little face. I was exhausted by the time I got home but it was worth every moment. We got him a large B1 Banana (stuffed toy) and his face lit up like Christmas when he saw it - I think it was a winner! 

This week I am moving in to share a studio with artist Deb Taylor, in East Brunswick (across the street from Harvest Textiles!) which I am very excited about. There are some fantastic, talented accomplished artists in the space so I am looking forward to being inspired by them. 

Have a happy week!