Zendala tiles

zendala tinsI have been looking forward to these tiles arriving since I ordered them.

Lots of clever people have used Zentangle in a mandala style, so it was only a matter of time that the Zentangle® folks created official tiles. These are gorgeous. The beautiful paper and 18 of the 21 tiles are pre-strung (3 blank). 

I don't really sell Zentangle products - with the Aussie dollar so high and the additional cost of bringing products over from the USA, it really is not worth it to me and means Aussie customers are paying more. I constantly complain about Aussie retailers over-charging so I am not about to do it myself! Other Aussie CZTs have products, including Andree, Lee and Jane. See what they have otherwise go straight to the Zentangle website (the Zendala's will be available there soon).

inside the tinI've enjoyed reacquainting myself with Zentangle after my hiatus. Writing the book was very draining emotionally and creatively, so I've basically avoided it for the past six months. I'm glad I've found my way back because it is like an old friend, you remember why you love them and how good they make you feel. Zentangle definitely does that for me.

I think one of the things I am intrigued by, and where Zendalas will really suit me, is that I have a fascination with organic shapes. I often buy books about creatures of the earth and sea, plants and flowers - these are amazing for both the natural patterns that occur but also the incredible shapes that come about. Zendalas lend themselves really beautifully to those, so there is lots of inspiration to be found. Mandala's are also a natural fit for Zentangle, not only from the pattern perspective but also from the relaxation and meditative place. This is, to me, what Zentangle is really all about. Zentangle is unique not so much because of the patterns, but for the method of relaxation, centering, and focus it brings. This is the key to Zentangle and understanding why it is different to other drawing and doodling. Yes, the relationship is there, but it is unique in this way and is what I am celebrating about Zentangle.

After work yesterday, I called into Artisan Books (long time favourite artsy bookshop with the lovely Dan doing a kick-butt job) in Gertrude Street. I came across this book:


At only $30 it is a fantastic buy. There is so much Mandala (and so Zendala) inspiration in here from the scientific, organic, natural, architectural and creative worlds. The colours alone are worth the price! 

I'll be sharing some Zendala's with you as I create them and if you are creating them too, be sure to add me as a contact on flickr so I can add you and see your designs. I love seeing the creativity of others and learning from them!