busy times

artwork by Andy GoldsworthySometimes I wonder if when I jump into a pool if I jump in too deep. This happens a lot with me - when I do something, I do it 200% and become a little bit singular in focus.

This is certainly how I am feeling this week - it's Friday already and I am wondering where all my days have gone, despite being busy every day.

I am so glad I took part-time studies but it is, all the same, a lot of work. A LOT. I am heading out this afternoon back to the university library and there I intend to stay and do some research and work. This is after I babysit my neice and nephew and after I've already been down to the phone store to get them to adjust my new BlackBerry (henceforth known as Crackberry). I wish now I had stayed with iPhone but it was also giving me grief so I changed. I can't go back to iPhone now (no cooling off periods here folks!) so I'll have to get used to the new handset. Still.... and there's heaps of work on for in.cube8r and other projects I have on the go. Hello Soul Hello Business is back in full swing but I have to prioritise it down the list for now. Bloom True finishes this week and I will be sad about that in a sense but I have learned a lot which I hope to put to good use in my art practice. 

Do you ever feel like you're drowning? I know I am just overwhelmed and it will settle..... but this week has been a doozy!