moving forward

The rectangle shaped painting is coming along nicely - I am happy with it's progress. It is not done yet but it's getting there. I have never painted this way before and there have been times when I've felt the class has moved too slowly. I added extra canvasses in initially but I am now realising that I needed the time to layer and layer, find my way and this is what is coming through. 

This week has been a funny one for me. My terrible heaches have continued and today I tried acupuncture for the first time. It was nowhere near as scary as I had envisioned! I am sore tonight from the massage and pressure point therapy but I DO feel better and I am told in a few days I will really know the difference. Those of you who suffer with them know how debilitating headaches can be.

I've been working on my new role at in.cube8r gallery. I am helping with the business and marketing side of things and I am really enjoying the work - although it is artistic in a way, it's something a bit different and gives me something different to think about. That's refreshing and I think some of my ideas as well as some of Isy's ideas (Isy Galey founded in.cube8r) are going to take this unique space from strength to strength. 

I took myself to Monash library yesterday for the first time - my golly it is HUGE compared to the one at ACU!! I need to start really making some decisions about what my artistic focus for this year will be, Masters wise. Staying with one project all year will be quite a challenge for she-who-has-the-attention-span-of-a-goldfish

One thing I AM doing, I hope soonish, is finding a new studio space. I'm going down Monday morning to see some at River Spaces in West Melbourne - I am feeling a little isolated here at home, not being around other creatives. I'm also desperately short on space here. So I am hoping I will find something there that will suit me and where I can paint and draw and really spread out onto the walls. These studios are easily accessed off the freeway or via train too so that is a big plus for me.

I'm starting to really consider what comes next as I move forward. I know this is a big year for me, with the book release especially - one where I know opportunities will present but it is also my opportunity to create my own opportunities. I would love to teach at some retreats and engage with the mixed media and arts communities more. I would love to travel to do this, to really connect to people. I have lots of ideas about things I want to do but not a strong feeling for how to make it happen. That's the trick, right? Making it happen. 

I guess let's see what some hard work and a little luck from the universe can provide.