Desire To Inspire by Christine Mason Miller

The third (and final) book I bought for my birthday is 'Desire To Inspire' by Christine Mason Miller. I've had this on my wish list since it was first available and, although I haven't finished reading it page by page, it is already inspiring me (I was half way through chapter 1 last night when I grabbed my journal to start writing myself notes!).

This is a book that takes talented artists from across the world and really asks them what motivates them - and the common answer is "to inspire others". How this manifests is different in all the contributors, but includes art journalling, photography, teaching and exhibiting. A common thread is kindness - that by being kind to each other, being generous to each other through deed and support, we spread good throughout the world. I think that only good things an come from kindness (something demonstrated to me just yesterday) and that it has a ripple effect. What bad could possibly come from that?

The design of this book is gorgeous - Ronson Slagle and Megan Richards from North Light have done a great job (Ronson is designing my book too so I am confident that mine will be awesome too) and the content and contributors are world class. I don't know if it's the work I am doing in the Hello Soul Hello Business course that is making this book more relevant to me right now but the themes that resonate across th two are undeniable. It is inspiring me in a big way to think big, dream big and act big.

There is so much to come.

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