'One' by Victoria Alexander

I haven't fully taken in this beautiful book yet but the sheer smell of it, the quality of photography and the beautiful words that are contained within it....It's hard to describe how truly beautiful this is. And when I struck upon the image below, it really resonated with me.

Although I come from a wide-reaching family, my core unit (parents and sister) were a little isolated through my childhoo through geography and personality. We had many friends, most associated with my parents line of work which was in law enforcement, and those associated with that kind of work band together closely and create a family within their profession. This was certainly true for us and I have many people still in my life, both friends of my parents and now their children too, who are very, very important.

I've also made many dear friends at school and university, through cancer organisations, and otherwise who are pivotal in my life, in who I am and the person I've become.

One of the big themes in the Hello Soul Hello Business course has been about establishing our "WHO" - the people we work with, the people we surround ourselves with, the people we seek to serve. It has resonated with me dramatically, and this snippet of Victoria's book really sums it up for me:

page 17 of 'One' by Victoria Alexander

You know who you are.


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