Doodles Unleashed!

One of the newest mixed media books to hit the market is from my North Light stablemate and friend, Traci Bautista. I've talked about Traci before here and here

Doodles Unleashed is Traci's much anticipated follow up to Collage Unleashed. My copy arrived yesterday and it has been a major disraction - I have work to do but can't divert myself from this beautiful book. The design is stunning, and Traci's content is incredible - and can I say GENEROUS. She shares SO much in this book, and it really is fun stuff. Additionally, there are downloads and videos that can be accessed and used (some on the site and some on Traci's blog). For someone like me for whom doodling and drawing is a nearly daily activity, there are SO many nuggets of gold in here. And, given my book Zentangle Untangled is also a drawing method - not completely unrelated to doodling it must be confessed - this is a fantastic companion title. 

If you love art journalling, drawing, doodling, Zentangle, colour or anything else, then I really recommend this gorgeous book.

Buy Doodles Unleashed here.