a new journal + more Bloom True

Last night I started a new journal. This is a BIG DEAL for me because never, ever have I finished a journal before. Not a notebook for school, an art journal, nothing. This might be because (a) I have an unnatural obsession with stationery and art supplies and there is ALWAYS something new and fun to try out (ask the folks at Typo) and (b) I have a short attention span and get bored easily - I rarely stick to one material or book size or type for long. So this is quite the achievement for me.

The new journal is a green Moleskine Volant. No outer decoration (yet - that will happen for sure). The yellow one was a joy to work in, write in, draw in. The picture on the right is one of the last pages. I'd used a feather for some art work and it was now infused with distress stain and acrylic paint(hello bubble wrap effect). Although it wasn't really useable anymore, I couldn't bring myself to throw it away so I stuck it in my journal. It was too pretty not to keep.

The frame effects are from the Camera+ app I got hooked up to - a great alternative for the soon to close Picnik.

I've already made a list in it of things I need to be doing. I'm only a week out from beginning my Masters of Visual Art. Wish I had a clue what to expect with that but so far very little information has been sent through (c'mon Monash, get your $*^# together!). I'm still painting for Bloom True (see below the latest layers) and still feel directionless with that. Hello Soul Hello Business is on what is effectively a 2 and a half week break (a little too long for mine) but I do have a couple of activities to go back and complete. I've got work to do for in.cube8r too.

So I am not without plenty to do.

 Some good news is that I sent off my final review of Zentangle Untangled yesterday so I am pretty much done. It looks amazing. I was quite overwhelmed when I saw it all. I'm feeling a little detached from it - which I'm told is probably because I did the large bulk of work then had a major life event (that'd be cancer!) so the book work seems so long ago, almost in another life. I guess it was - life has certainly changed some since I sent off the last artworks and text! I'm sure though the attachment will redevelop on release - I hope so because I know I've done something to be proud of.

Have a wonderful weekend!