Bloom True - Layer 3

I've been calling my course with Flora Bowley 'Brave Intuitive You' which is actually the name of her book and website - the e-course is actually called Bloom True. But you knew what I meant, right?

It's been a busy few days - painting, working (I got a little part time job) and working on my HSHB course too. Throw in the usual appointments and life in general.... where do the days go? In fact, today is 10 years since I was a bridesmaid for my best friend, Katie, when she married her Michael (we're so tight we even married men with the same name!). It does not seem like so long ago!! 

So. layers 3 of Bloom True canvasses...... still not in love with them but I am happier with these layers than the last.



Canvas 1, Layer 3



Canvas 2, Layer 3