farewell 2012

2012 has been a pretty wild ride for many people, myself included.

My year divided itself into two parts: the first half of the year was really recovery from my surgery and adjusting to the new normal that cancer thrust upon me. It all took longer than expected (on my part) but I am starting to finally feel like myself again - or at least the best version of myself I can be. It's a slow process, sometimes up and sometimes down. But I'm getting there.

2012 brought many wonderful things - I became an internationally published author. I got some definitive answers about my illness. I've produced a second book. I reconnected with some important, special people in my life. I've remained healthy in that vital first year, post-cancer. While I might feel underwhelmed with life from time to time, I guess all things considered I've done ok for someone who was meant to be terminally ill!

2012 has also been a year of change in approach for me. I no longer worry about those who do not worry themselves with me. I've learned to accept that people sometimes come and go from our lives. I've learned to care deeply but attach a little less. And most importantly, I've really taken to heart the lesson that I cannot control what others do or say, only how I react to it. That lesson has led to some major decisions in my life which I feel very comfortable with. Making the right choices often also means making the tough choices. I'm not afraid to that anymore and I will not diminish myself with guilt for doing what is best.

As Marianne Willismson wrote: "your playing small does not serve the world".

With that in mind, I would like to thank you, dear friends, for your love, enthusiasm and support through 2012. The ups and the downs have been varied and you've stayed with me through it all. That is not underestimated or forgotten.

For 2013, my wish, for you, me and all those around our earth, is:

dylusions ink and journal, micron men, gel pen and zentangle