no rest for the wicked or busy

...which of course means I am sick again.

On Monday, Michael and I went to Government House here in Melbourne for pre-Melbourne Cup Drinks, a function Michael was invited to because he facilitates and escorts the Governor when he travels. He's been invited before but we've never gone. This year we decided to live a little and go along.

This was me before we left. I was feeling a little scratchy actually but did my best anyway. It was quite lovely but we got home late and it was chilly.

Tuesday morning, the grapefruit was evident in my throat.

Since then I've felt like hell. I worked yesterday but by last night I was paying for that too, so today I had to stay home. I've been working from home a bit though.

Did I mention I have a kind-of job? It's not exactly paid (I get a tiny stipend...) but it's as Guest and Corporate Services with the Melbourne Aces Baseball team - we're part of the ABL and I am really enjoying it. Baseball is a well established sport in Australia but it's following is what I'd call niche. So we're trying to make this, the third year, a watershed year and really take the club to the top of the table both on and off field. It's a huge job frankly and we don't get a lot of love from the peanut gallery, but we're trying really hard and that's all we can do. You know what I love? Baseball. So I'm doing what I can to help really take off in Melbourne.

Not sure I was helping much today though:

Ahhh well, this is what a zero immune system looks like. Trying to finish the Zentangle Untangled Workbook, working full time and me being me: the physical crash didn't surprise me, even if I'd have appreciated it waiting til NEXT week!

One thing that brightened my day today was the parcel delivery man knocking on my door with these:

It's a lovely book (what I've seen so far) and features the beautiful work on my dear friends Jill Berry and Alisa Burke. I've been looking forward to it's release for some time - well done, Jenny on this lovely title. And YAY to get the Moonlight pens too - can't wait to bust those out.

Still no news on Uni either - I'm feeling a little dejected about it actually but I guess it aint over til it's over.

Thanks for bearing with me while I am snowed under and snotty - I appreciate you sticking around!