trying out TAP paper

in 2011 I went to The Creative Connection Event in Saint Paul and one of the great parts was catching up with Lesley Riley, who I'd met earlier in the year in Brisbane. (We've caught up again since then too!)

Lesley is so talented in so many areas. One of the cool things she did was invent this paper called TAP - Transfer Artist Paper. She wrote a book about it and I bought it at TCCE but I only got hold of the paper itself this year (it sells out quickly!). And being me, it has sat for months being looked at. Why? Because I do things like that - I need something then I admire it for a while. Eventually, I use it. And then wonder, what the hell was I waiting for??

Today was the day and I pulled out a photo I took on Instagram several months ago. It was meant to be of my niece Amelia, except that Lukas, her big brother, photo bombed it! It's a definite favourite photo - both the cuteness of Lukie and the look on Millie's face.

Here's the result - in my art journal:

dylusions journal and ink, sharpie, montana acrylic pen, Micron pen, TAP

The transfer is not 100% right - but as a first effort I was pretty happy with it and it is faster and cleaner than gel medium transfers (which I am never completely satisfied with). Pro-tip is to use a light background and I'd say that's a good tip - any darker and this would have been a bit of a failure. But I guess trying things out is what art journals are meant for, right? 

I'll definitely be ordering more of this!!