steps to a journal background

I'll state upfront that some of the techniques I show here are NOT mine, and I'll state that loud and clear. Mainly my inspiration has come from the amazing Dyan Reaveley, who I think it is clear I am all over at the moment! This isn't a complete journal page, just a background, but I thought it might be fun to share the process.

After spraying colours onto the page (as Dyan demonstrates in her YouTube videos), I placed some Collections chipboard butterflies on the page and sprayed more colour over them.

I gave the colours a moment to sink in and work their magic.

and then I lift them off. They create a mask effect.

I placed them randomly over the spread and they look very effective.

I have a lot of chipboard shapes etc from my scrapbooking days (yes I am a hoarder of art supplies, but you KNEW that, right?) and in the spirit of using what you have, I wondered if these would work well as masks - I was happy with the result.

Once the page is dry, re-place the butterflies again, in different spots. Let some overlap the masked images and spray with water mist. Up-close image below.

Then, gently lift the chipboard off the page.

The water and the inks react togethe and the effect (Dyan calls it shadowing) is great! The lines aren't superclear but to me that doesn't matter. This is art journaling and embracing the imperfect is a great exercise - not only is it a journal, it's a test journal - use your journal to really see what is possible and what you love and don't love. No-one is obliged to share their journals so if you bugger something up, don't worry!

Once the page is DRY (use your heat tool to help promote drying but don't burn your page!), take out your white gelly roll pen.

Place your chipboard butterflies on the page again - again randomly and allowing some overlap if you'd like it - and use your pen to draw an outline of the butterfly.

The white pen is very effective but the page NEEDS to be dry.

The final background:

I love the effect - I hope you do too!

Thanks to Dyan Reaveley for her fantastic videos and products - I am ADORING them and you will too.