tomorrow is a new day...

the other day my friend Bethany was feeling a little flat after doing her best to have a great day - it didn't turn out as she'd have liked. I quoted one of my favourite L.M. Montgomery quotes from Anne of Green Gables. She loved it and I ended up using it in my art journal over the weekend:

dylusions journal, dylusions inks, acrylic paint, patterned paper, Teesha Moore journal element,
gel pens, heidi swapp stamps, washi tape, portfolio watersoluble oil pastel


I don't know why I made the lady's face black. That wasn't really a conscious decision and there's no meaning to it. When I was a little girl my GP had a "Gollywog" doll (I think nowadays they're just called Golly's?) and I loved it. Having a black doll was so much fun - my parents raised us to be quite oblivious to skin colour, which in many ways is wonderful but in some ways appears insensitive - I am not a racist person, I treat absolutely everyone as I find them, regardless of skin colour. I also don't treat people as though they are special because of their skin colour, which some people think is insensitive. It's the age old issue - there will always be someone you can't make happy, regardless of what you do! Anyway - in case you were wondering why she has a black face. There's no reason!

Some good news: I finally finished my book manuscript and it is waiting in the inbox for my lovely editor, Amy. It's a little bit very overdue. I am so lucky Amy has been understanding while I've been unwell, working and so caught up in everything. Anyhow, it's DONE now, short of final edits. I am so relieved about that - this has been a hard slog to finish. 

Tomorrow I am going to share a photo stream of a journal page background in progress - I hope you enjoy!