I mentioned in a previous post about the incredible Karen Waldron who writes the Chookooloonks blog.

In November I took her Pathfinder course - well I saved all the content to come back to after having surgery. Karen kindly offered to be on the end of an email if I had quetions, given my situation. And with this new year upon us, I decided now was a good time to devote to the course.

So far it is week one and already this course has had a major impact on me. In week one Karen takes us on a journey to create a "Love List" - I wont give away what a love list is or how you create one (seriously, the cost of the course is worth it for this activity alone) but when I sat down to create mine on Wednesday evening, I could not have predicted the result or how it would immediately shift my thinking. I am suddenly feeling very self aware and I've recognised some issues I need to address, both positive and otherwise. I slept like a baby on Wednesday night - I think almost in relief that I was suddenly feeling clarity about what it is I need to be doing to get my life heading in the direction I want it to - I need it to. 

The result of the love list is to create "Light Words". I'm not sure where the Light Words will lead me (I'm being good and not skippng ahead in course content!) but my words were very clear themes on my list.

Thankyou, Karen, for sharing this exercise with us. I can only recommend everyone take the NEXT Pathfinder course and utilise this exercise too.

And can I again recommend Karen's book, The Beauty of Different. I read this again - this time REALLY read and absorbed in, over the New Year. It is sublime. It is inpiring. It is important.