learning about yourself

one of the things I have been doing this month is keeping a journal of sorts - it first began in the Pathfinder course and has continued on. I dont always write every day and some day I do pages and pages. I am using a Moleskine Volant journal.

This journal - I'm not even sure if that's really the right term for it - is not just a place I write. I draw in it. I put quotes in it that I read I like. I put lists and reminders in it. I stick pictures in it. I colour stuff in. 

What I am finding with this process is that I am learning SO much about myself - as a person, an artist, a writer. It has given me unexpected joy and insight into myself that I actually hadn't seen before. I am totally honest in this book - I wouldn't say it's where I share my deepest and darkest moments or thoughts, more just a place to put my thoughts on anything at all, in the moment. Whether it is life changing stuff or not doesn't matter - they are my thoughts and feelings and that's what makes them valid and important.

rubber stamp from TypoDocumenting our "journey" (possibly the most over-used word in psychiatry and craft!) is so important. I've never done it in such a dedicated way before and I wish I had done so when I was sick. Which got me to thinking - maybe I could create something to inspire others who face difficulties like I have - show them how easy this process is and the incredible peace it brings. Because this year, 2012, is all about PEACE for me. And I want others to feel that too. What do you think? Do you think people would respond to that?