A life menu (inspired by Pathfinder)

One of the cool activities I've been doing as part of the Pathfinder course has been creating a LIFE MENU. It's a list of activities and things I'd like to do during my life. There's no timeline to achieve them, and some of them are more than a little bit crazy, but that's kind of the fun, right?

The plan is to have over 100 things listed. So far I have 40. I'm really lucky because I've actually ticked off a few dream things already in life, but what the hey - I'll share with you my list so far and I would love to hear some things YOU dream of doing - remember nothing is too insane to dream about!

In no particular order........

1. A photography trip to Cuba (preferably while Fidel Castro is still alive - I'd love to meet him, I think he'd be a fascinating person).

2. Complete a Masters degree (YAY getting accepted is the first step in achieving that!).

3. Write a book about my cancer journey.

4. See Machu Pichu and the Inca ruins with my own eyes.

5. Work with the elephant orphans at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya.

6. Teach at art retreats in the US and Europe.

7. Sign licensing deals for my artwork.

8. Sing Peter Allen songs on the Great Wall of China like the Qantas kids did.

9. Explore the da Vinci history of Italy.

10. Be able to play my piano and sing along with it without making people's ears bleed.

11. Run the New York Marathon (hey, I'll even settle for the 10K race).

12. Have a series of awesome sketchbooks and art journals reflecting my life.

13. Publish more art books.

14. Have a bigger house so we can adopt more pugs.

15. Have a house on Prince Edward Island.

16. Live in New York for a year.

17. Retire to Hawaii.

18. Have my artwork acquired by the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

19. Have a library room in my house.

20. Visit art and book shops in Paris.

21. Learn to speak French.

22. Have a swimming pool.

23. Have a King size bed.

24. Be a season ticket holder with the New York Yankees and attend every home game for the season.

25. Own a shop that sells handmade art and craft, books and art supplies - where people can come and create together and be part of a community.

26. Renew my wedding vows with Michael.

27. Go to Graceland with my Dad.

28. Drive across America with Michael.

29. Own a racehorse that wins the Cox Plate.

30. Have an on-site caravan that we can use as a regular holiday spot.

31. Go into space to look back at the Earth.

32. Explore the historical sites of the Tudor monarchs in England.

33. Attend SURTEX in New York and the Atlanta gift show.

34. Write a pictorial history of New York laundromats (I reckon they are always the most interesting places to see the real New York).

35. Buy a super-powerful telescope so I can look at the surface of the moon.

36. Volunteer on Christmas Day serving meals to the less fortunate (this is a big aim for Christmas 2012).

37. Meet Eddie Vedder and Jeff Ament from Pearl Jam and talk about art.

38. Write a regular magazine column.

39. Go with my nephews and neices to Disneyland and go NUTS.

40. Attend the Vancouver Canucks when we finally win the Stanley Cup.


So, what would your dreams include?