the clever Claudine

so back in 2004, I began scrapbooking. I discovered a website called Blue Bazaar and, having seen my sister's scrapbooks, I decided to have a go. I was fully into it for about two and a half years and haven't "scrapped" since 2007 when my friend Stacy Julian visited Australia to teach. It's a long story as to why I don't scrapbook anymore, but the short version is, I moved on to mixed media and other art forms.


me and Claudine, September 2011One of the people who first inspired me in mixed media was Claudine Hellmuth. I have followed her blog for years, always appreciating her illustration qualities and whimsical style. So when I knew she would be at The Creative Connection, I was pretty excited. She was in Minneapolis for ScrapFest at the Mall of America, which I hear was a big success, but spent quite a bit of time at TCCE.

I felt really lucky to sit and just chat with Claudine and she was super friendly. She has a broad, eastcoast accent which I just LOVE - I feel so at home when I am in New York so listening to Claudine's DC voice was like home to me!

yeah I am a polaroid superstar, can you tell?I was also smart enough when I went to Archiver's to pick up Claudine's Studio Paint line, in little squeeze bottles. They are SO cool and what I love about the squeeze bottles is that I can use them to WRITE with, which has been a lot of fun since I got home. I've started creating my Dream Big Journal (with guidance from my gal Traci Bautista) and these little paints are proving very useful for that!






Claudine, it was such a pleasure to meet you and talk, it meant so much to this girl from so far away to feel so welcomed by you.

There is not an ounce of pretension or arrogance about Claudine - and she is equally as talented and beautiful in real life as she is online.

She can be found on Twitter: @collageartist.