game changing

I arrived home in Australia this morning after 26 hours of planes, connections and more of the same. Four flights. 

And I am surprisingly more awake than I ought to be!!

So I thought I would share some thoughts on The Creative Connection, which was my reason for visiting Minnesota last week. This wont be comprehensive (you read the part about 26 hours travel, right?) but I will add more thoughts over the coming days and weeks, especially in relation to specific people who inspired me.

There were two questions I was asked constantly while at TCCE:

1. What do you do? This is a really hard question to answer and I was glad when one of the speakers (Holly Becker from decor8 from memory - happy to be corrected if I am wrong) said that it is a hard question to answer. I am a writer. I am an artist. I am a photographer. I am a teacher. I am a woman. Most importantly, I am enough. I still don't have a succinct answer to the question but I am OK with that too.

2. Did you come all the way from Australia just for this? Indeed I did! It was a long journey, one not without battles, but I went because I believed that I would learn from others, be inspired, be guided. It was all of that and so much more. 

I met many, many inspiring women, and a few blokes too.

I learned so much more about creative entrepreneurship than I knew existed.

I got AMAZING feedback on my artwork from people who know. Whose opinions I respect and value. It was a confidence booster you cannot bottle.

I felt loved. Respected. Valued.

I have pages and pages of notes. Ideas. Tips. All will be revealed in coming months.

Most of all, I want to say thankyou. Thankyou to the incredible women who shared themselves, their knowledge, their ideas and their hearts.

Thankyou to the volunteers who gave their time with a smile.

Thankyou to the amazing team at The Creative Connection.

Thankyou, Jo Packham, for your leadership of this event, for giving so much of yourself and for giving creative women from all over the GLOBE the opportunity to come together and share, inspire and learn. 

It was worth every cent to me. Every hour of flight. I have come back to Australia bursting. Creatively. Lovingly. I know I have returned a better woman and a better artist.




P.S. I can also say this: the Mall of America is freakin' huge. Exhausting. I was emotionally drained after 7+ hours spent there. I will be happy to never go there again.