Pitch Slam Excitement!

In a complete surprise (and a very exciting one!) - I was accepted into TWO pitch slams at next month's The Creative Connection Event! I was confident about getting into the print/online writing one (see previous post) but did NOT expect to get chosen for Designer for a Craft/Paper Company too! This is a huge opportunity for me and I am already hard at work creating ideas and prototypes to take with me to Minneapolis-St Paul next month.

The expert panel is nothing to sniff at either - Jayme Shepherd (Making Memories), Jinger Adams (Provo Craft), Margie Romney-Aslett (The Girls Loft) and....... TIM HOLTZ! I adore Tim (it's OK, he knows already ;) ) and flew to Brisbane back in 2005 I think to attend one of his classes - yes, a 2000km flight each way, up and back in one day - to take ONE Tim class. Was it worth it? You bet - for mine, his range of products are the single most innovative in the craft market so as well as being sweet as pie inside and out, he's also mega talented. I cannot WAIT to present my ideas to these talented folks.

AND then the round-table is with Melody Ross, I guess best known to scrapbook people for creating Chatterbox (which, when I was a scrapper, was my favourite range hands down) and the gorgeous Traci Bautista - awesome art journaller and fellow North Light author! 

So.....in the next 38 days, I have to create and send off two pitch documents and finish my first book manuscript - artwork and most words. No small task but I know I can do it. 

It will, however, mean that blog posts are infrequent - please don't abandon me, I am here! Just crazy busy, probably with paint all over me and my eyes falling out with fatigue - but it will all get done, it will all be AWESOME and I KNOW the future holds something SPECIAL ahead for me!