Discovering Y.O.U. by Traci Bautista

If you're a creative type and are looking for some great guidance on how to build and market your creative business a little, can I recommend the Discovering Y.O.U e-course by Traci Bautista. I purchased the specialpart I and II pack for $125 which is a big saving (it's usually $80 per part) and this is just the print off:

That pile is every bit of two inches thick and doesn't include the chat sessions (transcripts remain on the site), videos and more. I was stunned by just how much you get for your money - that there is a BOOK people. 

Traci brings a decade of practicing art experience plus her experience in publishing, media and teaching. It's a fantastic package.

Meanwhile, I am busily working away on getting the last of the artwork finished for my book - time is escaping me in the scariest of ways! I am getting there though, which is the main thing. It is taking some toll on my health so the sooner I get it finished the sooner I can have some down time and feel like myself again. This has sure been a tough winter.

On a personal note, the other night my husband and I watched a story on an Australian show called Sunday night about baby elephant orphans in Kenya. You can watch it here. As a devout elephant lover, this story not only moved me, but we are not proud foster parents to SITIES, an orphan who found her way all on her own to the orphanage. This is through the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and a wonderful way to care for and preserve these beautiful, amazing creatures. If you care about the elephants of Africa, please consider a donation to this outstanding organisation!