Studio clean out

since I moved out of the city studio (in, like February?), I've been living in amongst boxes and, slowly, over the months, as I was writing my book, this is what I was working amongst:

Pretty atrocious, right? So when I passed a book deadline, I promised Mum I would clean it up - she was threatening to come and do it herself and I knew damn well I would have nothing left if she did! So we pulled everything OUT and I started again.

It took DAYS. (I am so embarrassed)

So here is the cleaned-up version:

my computer desk - moved to the red wall. Much better.

my art desk is now by the window - I look out onto our back garden and often watch Elvis and Sunny playing and napping. Our garden is gorgeous thanks to my beautiful Michael's hard work.Bookshelf - now with books! And that's not even all of them!

On the basket shelf to the left you can see my art journals in progress too....

Supply shelf - I'm a "need to be able to see it all" kinda artist.

Acrylic paint. I'd love to say that's all of it.....but I'd be lying.

 Alcohol Ink. Acrylic Ink. India Ink. Ink Pads. INK INK INK.Pencils. I have pencils.Cool huh?