The Creative Connection Event

I wrote about this exciting event a little while back. It's been quite a rollercoaster for me as I desperately want to go and have applied to participate in pitch slams, one of which is looking pretty good to happen (since I am the only person who has applied!?). It's to write online and magazine articles, for which I have lots of ideas. I think, however, I want to do this pitch because of the amazing women who will be on the panel:

Christen Olivarez - Director of Publishing at Stampington Publications and Editor in Chief of its flagship title, Somerset Studio. Christen and I follow each other on Twitter and she is an adorable girl - so I'd really just love to meet her! I think we are possibly about the same age (she might - gulp - even be a bit younger than me!) so I'd love to hear about her rise through the ranks of magazine publishing. And after that I might inundate her with my ideas.

Janine Vangool - I will really have to hold myself together and not verbally spew my love for Janine's wonderful magazine Uppercase which I have mentioned here before. Apart from being Canadian (YAY!), Uppercase is about the coolest magazine I have seen on the market in a really LONG time. It's fresh, fun and really looks after an audience that has not otherwise been well looked after. One of my aims if I do get into this pitch is to convince Janine to let me write for her. I'll beg if I have to!

MaryJane Butters - is an organic food pioneer in the US. I'll be honest and say I don't know much besides her reputation as a farmer and publisher of a magazine, but I did see on her website some gorgeous tents which people stay in on her farm. I'm no camper but they look fantastic. If THAT is camping, circa 2011, I am totally IN.

And the following round-table with these lovely ladies:

Amanda Fortini - freelance writer with many articles in The New Yorker. Anyone who has studied media/journalism like I did know: THAT.IS.HUGE. HUGE. Most writers would die happy to be published in that institution just once. Pretty much would love to listen to Amanda speak, never mind me!

Leslie Shewring - co-author of 'Blogging Your Way' with Holly Becker on decor8 - which is only one of the most successful blogs ever, as well as writer and designer. The lady has talent and knows how to identify it. Her own blog is also pretty adorable and worth checking out.

Rebekah Teal - Rebekah is a lawyer. I failed my first units of law at Uni, meaning I am not a lawyer. but, she is also a contributor to MaryJane's Farm blog and has her own site which celebrates putting the simplicity, the lovliness back into blogging and the world. Her Law-Maze™ program supports women with dreams, entrepreneurial dreams. I love that. I wish there were more supporters out there!


So, with all that talent and inspiration, isn't it obvious why I want to go and put myself in front of these gorgeous ladies and WOW them?! I'll know for sure on August 2 and frankly, the time cannot pass quickly enough! There is so much to look forward to at this conference, and so many friends I'll get to see again. 

I'm SO excited!!