if you were wondering where I am....

you can blame this guy:

Cadel Evans, the very first Australian winner of The Tour de France. I absolutely LOVE the TdF so to have our first winner is HUGE news here in Australia. While cycling isn't my favourite sport, what I do love about the TdF is the strategy involved, the team role as well as the individual efforts. Just watching exhausts me, and watching live here in Australia means watching until well after 2am. Yes - I've been awake many, many nights in the past 3 weeks until stupid o'clock. I am exhausted and I am looking forward to getting my sleep pattern back this week! It has all been worth it though. I am, of course, a devotee of Lance Armstrong and riding over 2000kms over the Alps etc....it's an epic achievement. 

Other than that, I attended Design:Made:Trade last week, which I thought was pretty awesome (although I would have liked it to be exclusively Australian design).

I've been working hard on the book. I need to acknowledge that I am no longer doing the photography for it, it's being sent to the US. I was initially a bit gutted by that decision but I soon realised that this was for the best, because I want my book to look incredible and it would be awful to have excellent content let down by second-rate photography. So I am comfortable with that decision and it actually takes some pressure off me. 

Otherwise I am plodding along quietly....but I am here and will post more frequently I promise!