Zentangle goodness

At last, the Zentangle kits I ordered for customers a month ago have arrived! If you are waiting on yours, it will be in amongst these:

Otherwise, I am waiting on three expressions of interest and the rest are in the store ready to be purchased and devoured. Do you have a Zentangle kit? If not - you will never regret it!

There are also some new and exciting Zentangle products which are being rolled out which I would like to introduce you to.




The first is the lovely Sounds of Zentangle CD, with music written and performed by Zentangle co-founder, Rick Roberts (and the CD artwork by Maria Thomas). This CD is divine to have playing while you quietly tangle your heart out, and is also wonderful for relaxation and meditation. I am not usually going to stock these but I thought it might be a nice treat to have some on offer for a limited time only.


I have two sets of pre-strung tiles which I also do not normally offer. These packs contain 26 tiles, 18 of which have various pre-printed strings on them. This is fantastic if you are not confident with drawing strings onto your tiles.  I have only 2 sets so get in quickly!














Then to PRE-ORDER, I have some beauties:

BLACK Zentangle Tiles - packs of 21. I will be breaking out my white gelly roll pens onto these tonight to have a play - I wanted to do so before offering them for sale as I want to have 100% confidence in what I sell. I can assure you though, there will be no disappointment with these! Made from gorgeous Strathmore black paper, they are hand cut just like the white tiles are. I will definitely show you some examples of what I do with them! If you're interested (they also come in ATC size) please email me and I can order them in for you.




The other item that is new is the Leather Zentangle Wallets. These are $45 so are definitely for the enthusiast! However, if you are like me and take your Zentangle tiles with you EVERYWHERE (it's amazing the places I find them stashed in my bag/diary/books/car etc!) then this is for you. Made from stunning leather in dark brown (as shown - I'm a long time lover of dark brown everything) or Buckskin (which is a lighter tan colour), these look and smell amazing (yeah I love the smell of leather). I ordered just the one for myself first so I could examine the quality and I was NOT disappointed. I love it. I am dying to take it out exploring and show it off. The inside is made of what looks and feels like woollen felt, really luxurious. 



These too are for PRE-ORDER - I am selling them to you at basically what I pay plus the postage cost to me. I've decided that I want people to have these so I am keeping the cost literally as low as possible. I'll try to get a photo taken of the other colour and put it in the shop so you can see it too. 

I hope you are excited about these new products - there are more coming too so stay tuned. AND if there is anything that you've seen but is not in my store, please email me - I can always look into getting something in for my lovely customers and friends. It is, after all, all about sharing the Zentangle love!